Gavinder Singh

Fundraising Manager

My names Lakhy

I’m the Fundraising Manager for the Manchester branch at SMILE Fundraising.

I’ve worked in fundraising for around 12 years . When the opportunity came up to open an office with SMILE i knew it would be a great opportunity but also a big challenge.

There’s been lots of ups and downs but 7 months later we have a great team.

The support from SMILE has been incredible.

We have weekly conversations on how we can improve our branch. I love the fact that we have access to everyone in the company including the MDs.

A recent example of the support I’ve received:

Initially there was a lot of paper work and admin to do which took me away from the training. I mentioned this and now we have a great admin in our office and whilst Jordan takes care of all of the paperwork and data entry it allows me to concentrate on the training and recruitment so we can take it to the next level.

Favourite Quote

“If you believe you can, you’re already half way there”

Favourite Charity

RNIB, because I think losing your vision would be up there with one of the most devastating things that can happen to a person