Holly Cartledge

Venue Co-Ordinator

I started at SMILE in January of 2022 as a door-to-door fundraiser. After a period of time in which I was a successful fundraiser, I was forced to leave due to a recurring knee injury that prevented me from walking without a crutch. After coming back and leaving again for the same reason, I was lost in my disability and struggled to find work while struggling through temporary homelessness after my flat was flooded. It was during this period of my life that I received a call from SMILE, asking me to return in an administrative role, working for Shannon Thom in the Leicester office. I have found I am an even better venue coordinator than I was a fundraiser, and I am still here; this is the longest time I have ever held down a job. Thanks to SMILE, I’m stable, back on my feet (without the aid of a crutch), and thriving.

Outside of work, I collect books and read almost constantly; I enjoy fussing over my cat, Cersei; and I enjoy a variety of creative hobbies and projects.

Favourite Quote

“Where all Life dies, Death lives, and Nature breeds.” – Paradise Lost by John Milton

Favourite Charity

Stonewall – named after the most momentous historical event in Queer history, is an especially important charity to me during these times when the Queer community is being silenced by so many. As a member of the LGBTQ+ Community, this charity is close to my heart.