We offer a wide range of services through multiple channels, ensuring a comprehensive approach to fundraising. With our expertise, we engage with supporters through various avenues, including door-to-door campaigns, private site fundraising, events, and street fundraising.

We Are Here To Help You

Our Fundraisers inspire people across the whole of the UK. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the compelling products we offer. We specialise in regular giving and lottery campaigns, providing supporters with the opportunity to make a lasting impact through ongoing contributions. Additionally, we also offer sponsorship campaigns that connect donors with specific causes, enabling them to directly support initiatives that resonate with their values.


Door-to-Door fundraising allows us to engage people in the comfort of their own homes, giving us the opportunity to have real, human interactions with supporters and allowing them to give in a safe and convenient way.


Events fundraising enables us to connect with warm supporters at a charity event, providing us the chance to connect with people who are already passionate about supporting the cause and are thus more likely to give for years to come.

Private Sites

Private Site fundraising allows us to reach out to professionals and affluent donors in an environment outside of the home. We target premium venues in the most affluent areas to maximise long-term giving for our partners.

Our Reach

This is a live map of our fundraising activities over the past year, which covers a large area of the UK and follows a varied model throughout.

Fully employed: PAYE with the living wage
Freelance: Allowing people the freedom to work their own hours
Subcontracted: Through our network of trustworthy partners

By integrating with the Google Maps API, we were able to create our own map system, which significantly improved our attrition rates and average age and put us head and shoulders above our competition.

We have created our own demographic heat maps that are available through our tablet app and database, allowing us to work in locations with a greater demographic quality and age. Additionally, it implies that we stay away from areas where residents could be in need or vulnerable, which lowers the number of complaints we receive.

Welcome Calling

Our Welcome Call Service is powered by a team of highly experienced fundraisers.

This expertise allows us to swiftly address vulnerability concerns while effectively inspiring supporters to contribute for longer, ultimately maximising the Return on Investment for our charity partners.

The impact of our team is evident. Compared to supporters who do not receive a welcome call from our internal team, those who do are 50% more likely to make their initial donation. With our dedicated team driving engagement, we create meaningful connections and foster lasting support for our charitable initiatives.

Our Compliance

We understand the importance of our charity partners image and do our upmost to protect it. We have a dedicated compliance and complaints team, which allows situations to be resolved within a 48-hour time frame. Alongside our compliance team, we have a dedicated compliance training officer who takes all our offices, both in-house and our subcontracted partners, through our comprehensive compliance training. Ensuring all of our fundraisers are trained to our high standards.

Our Platform

We want to make sure you are in control of your campaigns. We understand the importance of your brand. We will work with you to ensure that your campaign with us is as bespoke as possible, whether it is your first face-to-face campaign or your hundredth. We make every effort to understand your charity's needs and tailor them to you.

We have spent years perfecting our user-friendly app and database that can be tailored to each individual campaign and charity's specifications. Customization of your direct debit forms or data export is no problem for us, as we are experts in data and technology. You can have multiple formats if you need to. There is no limit to ensuring our partnership runs smoothly. Please feel free to ask us about any special features you may need for your campaign.

Our Systems

Attrition Analysis

We provide comprehensive breakdowns of our attrition, which helps us capture our target market for our charity partners.

Comprehensive Reporting

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual insights, our robust reporting system provides timely and detailed analysis. Track progress, measure impact, and make informed decisions.

DBS Checks

If your organisation requires it, we can ensure that all our fundraisers are DBS-checked to work on your behalf.

Duplicate Detection

Data is run through our database to detect any duplicates. This cuts out complaints and helps spot vulnerable people, safeguarding data integrity for optimal effectiveness.

Enhanced Security

Our robust systems offer autonomous security, alerting us to potential risks. Proactive detection and prevention of fraudulent activities, safeguarding our fundraising, and protecting our charity partners.

Geo Checking

Leveraging GPS technology, we protect our fundraisers' safety and ensure accurate attrition analysis. Robust data reporting guarantees transparency, empowering informed decision-making for optimal outcomes.

Verification Call/SMS

Donors can check and verify their details after their donation, confirming the fundraisers were genuine. Increased trust reduces no-show rates, fostering a positive donor experience.

Welcome Calls

We have our own contact centre, and our team is great at inspiring long-term giving; being ex-fundraisers themselves, it's what they are used to. Calls are recorded and kept for up to two years.

Welcome SMS

Our system sends bespoke SMS based on donor responses. From form queries to opt-in or opt-out preferences, we can deliver customised messages, fostering meaningful interactions and donor satisfaction.

We'd love to hear from you if you believe that face-to-face fundraising is right for your charity!